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The sparkling sea summons you. Behind you, the mountains beckon while the volcanoes on the horizon lure you in. With all these riches, the state of Colima is Mexico’s best kept secret.

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For those who cringe at the thought of a crowded beach, Colima is the perfect place to soak up the sun.

Ancient villages feature imposing pyramids, cobblestone streets, and mysterious tombs.

Home to countless natural and enchanting sites that are easy to get to by car. Here, distance is never an issue!

Two volcanoes sitting side by side

The twin volcanoes are the only ones of their kind in the world. The majestic Nevado de Colima — dormant and capped in snow — and its smoking brother, Volcán de Fuego. The latter is the most active in the country. It regularly gives off smoke, much to the amazement of locals and tourists alike.

Exceptional tropical fauna

The state of Colima features a variety of ecosystems where you’ll find magnificent endemic species — true paradise for eco-tourists and nature lovers. The coast, the tropical forest, and the mountains are teeming with fascinating wildlife. You might get lucky and spot a red-crowned woodpecker or even a blackthroated jay through the waterfalls and vines.

Mexican cuisine is fragrant and fresh

The delicious blend of smells, flavours, and textures earned traditional Mexican cuisine a spot on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list in 2010. Each dish and drink features its own characteristics and is reminiscent of the country’s indigenous and Spanish roots. Be sure to try Colima’s local specialities!

So much to discover

Colima boasts countless attractions that you can visit in no time flat! Why not surf the Pacific waves in the morning and then lace up your boots and hike up the snow-capped volcano in the afternoon? Between the two, you can explore a canyon, snap some photos of the wildlife, or go paragliding along the cliffs.

Small state with a lot to offer

Pacific Ocean
20 m.
Vancouver 4700km
Mexico 750km
El Salto
El Salto de Tepames
Sierra de Manantlán
Biosphere Reserve
Volcán de Colima
Nevado de Colima
El Chanal
Archeological Site
Playa Miramar

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